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Why We’re Different

The Challenge
Many business owners we speak to do not have one central location to access at the click of a button all information they need to utilise there business potential. How many customers, what services do those customers have? All communication that has been completed with that customer via phone & email. The buying habits, the location, the invoices and even whats in the pipeline.

The Solution
B2B CRM is designed to help businesses use their CRM application not just as a CRM but as a complete business management suite. It will take care of your Customer Relationship, it will take care of your HR department and if you desire it will even automate many of your day to day tasks and even do your accounts and automate your business marketing. Our CRM can be custom built to your exact needs and if there is a feature we have not included we will even build this in for you!

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Our B2B CRM software is an all in one solution designed to help you save time when managing your clients, sales, emails with features such as Contact Management, digital forms with electronic signatures, SMS integration, accounts integration and more. See how B2B CRM can transform the way you work today.

Main Features Of The B2B CRM

Our B2B CRM solution is constantly being developed to include more features that can make life easier for our customers. From integration with some of the biggest names (Sage, Xero, MailChimp) through to built in detailed reporting, the end goal is to take out the hassle of managing your clients, meaning that you have more time to focus on the things that drive your business. Some of the major features we have already integrated into the B2B CRM are:

Direct Integration

B2B CRM natively integrates with a number of large providers, from SupportPal through to Xero. This allows you to manage your customer support requests from one central location where every member of your staff can view any relevant information about the client, include their full support history, contact information and even whether any support work to be carried out is billable or not whilst simultaneously being able to check through all billing history and detailed reporting information.

Individual user permissions are fully configurable, so your support operators will only be able to see and deal with tasks that are relevant to them.

B2B CRM directly integrates with other provides like SupportPal, Xero and Sage

Integrated Invoicing

The B2B CRM directly integrates with major invoicing platforms such as Sage, Quickbooks and Xero and provides both an overview at a glimpse of your overall totals as well as detailed looks into your invoicing, providing you with every bit of information from the total value through to the clients exact order and delivery address.

Full invoicing history on an individual client basis is viewable at the click of a button and advanced reporting tools allow you to access a world of reports at your fingertips.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting features allow you to access and view a full record of your business at the touch of a button. From invoicing history on a per client basis or throughout your business as a whole, to keeping a record of which customers are keeping your employee’s busiest thanks to the time logged on their submitted tickets, managing your business just became easier than ever before.

The reporting functionality can even be locked down to specific users to ensure that the right departments can only access reports that are specific to themselves.

B2B CRM has advanced reporting features built directly into the CRM dashboard
B2B CRM has a built in location service, allowing you to view the distance to customer sites

Customer Locations

Judging whether or not it’s viable to send an engineer to a customer site to complete a job will never be a problem again with the ability to view your customer locations on a scalable map to fit a pre-determined radius around your business premises. This will cut down on time wasted travelling to a site that is 45 minutes away for a task that could take simply take 5 minutes to complete and be able to be completed over the phone.

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Why B2B CRM Software?

The B2B CRM complete solution has been developed by the in house development team at B2B Business Technology Group who work with companies all over the UK. With our expert engineers and developers offering full UK coverage, as well as providing the B2B CRM software we are ready to look after all your Technology requirements whether your business is just starting out, ready to expand or with multiple branches.

Who We’ve Helped

B2B Business Technology Group are a trusted technology partner to over 600 customers across the UK. We currently look after the technology needs of a diverse range of sectors from local SMEs to global enterprises. We have single user based clients who run from a home office, all the way to multinational clients such as:

Our Partners

At B2B we carefully select which partners we choose to work with by shortlisting features vs pricing. Once we choose a partner we fully embrace all training and certifications to ensure we offer our clients the highest possible standards of quality.


“Using the B2B CRM has made our business processes so simple. Everything is now so much faster and easier to work with than before. I was sceptical switching CRM from our existing platform. Not anymore, the B2B CRM is amazing and I find your CRM system allows me to view my business information, customer data and accounts at a glance. Absolutely amazing job, Please pass on our thanks to the guys!”

Samuel Cunningham

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