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What are R&D claims?

R&D (research and development) claims have been designed and introduced to encourage innovation within all sectors of business and increase spending on research and development based activities for companies who are operating within the UK.

Currently, it’s one of the UK government’s top incentives to encourage companies to invest in research and development of new software and products and allows companies to recover their expenditure for R&D, either as a cash repayment or a reduction in Corporation Tax.

Depending on the size of your business, you could be eligible to recover a large amount of your research and development costs or be able to claim a tax credit.

What counts as research and development?

The criteria that HMRC class as research and development is quite a broad spectrum. Whatever the size of your business or the sector you operate in, as long as you are taking risks to ‘resolve scientific or technological uncertainty’ then it’s likely that you are carrying out some form of qualifying activity.

If you’re not sure that your project is even possible to be finished, or you don’t know how you’ll be able to achieve it during practice, you could potentially be classed as resolving technological uncertainty under the R&D criteria. Within the Government’s accepted definition of research and development, you don’t necessarily need to be successful to qualify and you can even include work that is undertaken for a client as well as your own projects.

If you’re still uncertain on whether or not you will qualify, we can help to identify this. We can also aid your business with undertaking development work if you haven’t begun to do so yet. If you have an idea or need to overcome a problem within your industry, want to merge software and information into one central location or to innovate new software that meets all of your requirements, we can help with this which would qualify and count towards the available R&D grant.

How can you make an R&D claim?


Intelligent online data collection, 24 hours a day
100% success rate
Ex-HMRC inspectors on hand to review claims
Automatically import any previous claim data
No contracts to lock you in
No claim, no fees
0% of claims reduced by HMRC

Fees: 15% of credit or less

Traditional Advisors

Time consuming interviews and phone calls
Varying success rates
Accountants who are not experts in the field of R&D
Manual cross-checking of previous claims
Locked in to multi-year contracts
Fees charged even if the claim isn’t successful
Typically has a 5% reduction rate

Fees: 20-35% of credit

Realistically, any company in any form of industry is eligible to receive some form of R&D tax credit or go through the claims process, as long as you meet certain criteria. You can make an R&D claim if you are a small or medium business who have less than 500 members of staff or a turnover of under £100m per year. If you fall under these, then your project may be eligible to go through the R&D claims process.

Your eligibility also depends on whether or not you have undertaken some form of research and development activity that qualifies for a claim, including the creation of new products, process or services and changes or modifications made to existing products and services.

By running your claim through a traditional advisor, you’re likely to run up large fees as a lot of their time is spent collecting low value data when it’s convenient for them, whereas our knowledge of the best claims advice and team with incredible technical knowledge will give you incredible results in much less time (and save you money too).

“We handed everything over to B2B to sort out for us and their staff were incredibly helpful throughout the full process. Everything we were provided was in terms we could understand and their knowledge is second to none.”

“This was the first time we have gone through the R&D process and we wouldn’t hesitate to use B2B Develop it again, they were amazing every step of the way and helped us with everything we needed.”

How can I tell if my business is eligible?

If your company is taking even the smallest steps to innovate, improve or develop new/existing processes within your business, products or services that your provide, then it is incredibly likely that you will qualify to undertake a research and development claim.

A good way to test if the work that you have undertaken would qualify as research and development is whether or not your project team faced any form of uncertain outcome when the project was just starting out. What this means, is did your project require something more than just the addition of existing technology to complete? If it did, you’re more than likely to be eligible to make a claim.

Let us do the hard part

So whilst you and your team are hard at work creating innovative products and services for the public to use and enjoy, taking the time out to go through the claims process could ultimately lead you to delays and setbacks. Why not let B2B Develop it go through the claims process for you? We need a bit of information from you telling us all about what you’re doing and then we can submit everything on your behalf, keeping you and your team free to do the things that really matter and keep your business moving forwards.

Make your R&D claim today

All we need to get the ball rolling or identify if you could be entitled to the grant is to give us a 15 minute teams, zoom or phone call at your convenience, just fill in the form and one of our team will be in touch to arrange this with you.

“B2B Develop it were able to recover thousands of pounds in revenue for us, allowing us to further push the growth of our development team and innovations!”

Nigel Rawlinson – Senior Partner

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