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Key features and benefits

Range of
products to suit
your requirements

Range of products to suit your exact requirements
• Simple non-customisable POP systems ideal for smaller businesses and start ups
• Full purchase order system with receipting systems, including custom screens, workflows and reports
• Purchase to pay version including approved invoice exporting and credit note functionality
• Stock control module will be available later this year

Separate different
and projects

Separate different companies and projects
• Admin control function for power users
• As business changes or expands, new branches / departments / projects can be added
• Also new entities (additional companies) can be set up on the same platform

budget control

Integrated budget control modules
• Budgets can be set for individual projects, departments or company wide
• Open (up to level set) or fiscal limitations added
• Access to budgets controlled for users by their role in the company
• No more overspends. Finance control budget allocation and changes.

Full goods

Full goods receipting functionality
• Any nominated users can receipt goods against Purchase Orders
• System automatically presents only open PO lines for receipting
• Caters for full or part receipting with auditable notes facility
• Line or bulk receipting facility included

Export and import
with external
accounts systems

Export and import with external accounts systems
• Export custom meta data from the PO and P2P systems in CSV format to use in other software
• For example, in the purchase to pay version you could export supplier invoices or credit notes
• Provides an ideal way to import customer orders into accounting systems such as SAGE, Xero or Quick Books
• All columns and headings are customisable to match the target system being exported to

Easily raise
purchase orders

Easily raise multiple purchase orders
• First, choose your budget, supplier, delivery details etc.
• Second, add in as many individual lines of items as per your business requirements (see the screenshots below)
• Save and send to be reviewed for internal approval when everything is ready
• Attach any required supporting documents or any additional documentation required by the supplier

your approval

Customise your approval workflows
• All internal approval workflows for purchase orders are custom built as standard, as no businesses are the same
• These can be based on set values, departments, individuals or any combination of the above
• Each approver has the option to approve, reject and cancel anything in their workflow
• Once approved, purchase orders are automatically sent to the supplier as PDF files


Import supplier pricelists
• Speeds up the process of raising a purchase order, as well as giving increased levels of accuracy
• Each individual import will overwrite the existing file to ensure you are always working on the latest version
• Ability to restrict to list items, or even set individual items as opposed to entire lists

Rate your

Rate your supplier performance
• Supplier performance can be rated for each individual purchase
• Rate between 1-5 and leave a reason for the score, allowing a full audit trail to be viewed by the next member of staff
• Performance reviews can be done regularly to ensure suppliers take action on their issues
• Performance overviews can be made available on the system dashboard


Import custom templates
• Templates are able to be set up to make the import of key data much easier
• List of current suppliers, nominal codes, delivery invoice addresses and cost centres are available
• Admin tools allow specific users to add and disable items on a one for one basis


Multiple currency support
• Majority of worldwide currencies are supported, as long as they used a decimal place
• The system utilises a direct HMRC feed to ensure the currency conversions are kept up to date
• Any budgets or key financial data is retained in Sterling within the system

Archive your
current system

Archive your current system data
• Data from your existing software systems can be imported to ensure no loss of historical data
• The archiving solution will bring standard data formatting into use
• Ensures the you are always able to access past data

Range of

Range of searchable options
• A wide variety of search facilities are in place across our purchase order systems
• Meta data is able to be queried and reported on at any time
• “Quick find” functionality is available via the global search on the home screen

Daily email
alerts and task

Daily email alerts and task reminders
• Users are notified of every task via email to ensure they are actioned correctly and on time
• Email notifications outline the details of the action required, the user can then log in to execute the actions
• The system sends reminders of overdue or outstanding tasks each morning

Out of

Out of office functionality
• Out of office features can be set for users who receive any tasks whilst away or on leave
• The user is able to select a relevant colleague who is able to handle their work whilst out of office
• When they return to work, the system automatically shuts off the out of office functionality for the user


Multiple language support
• Language can be changed for labelling and core data structuring
• Most standard languages are supported
• Additional set up costs will apply if additional languages are required

Standard Cloud B2B features

Secure UK
based cloud

Secure UK based cloud hosting
• Our cloud systems are based in a high security data centre near Maidenhead
• All solutions run using an SSL encrypted web browser
• Daily backup are provided by Acronis for resilience and peace of mind

No additional

No additional hardware required
• No need to install additional software or hardware to run our systems
• No internal IT resources are required to support our solutions
• Full support is provided via our online portal

Optimised for
a wide range
of devices

Optimised for a wide range of devices
• Use on any device you are comfortable with, PC, laptop, tablet, netbooks etc.
• Full functionality on any device, including smart phones
• As long as you have an active internet connection, you can securely log in and access the software


Historical transaction database
• No waiting around for the system to poll
• Transactions are updated instantaneously, ensuring you are always viewing the most up to date data
• DBMS allows the ability to roll back in case of any errors


Concurrent licensing model
• A more economic model than having user based licensing
• Licences are based on the number of access actions to the server
• Automatically logs users out if their licence is not used for 30 minutes to free licences for other users to use


Custom reporting features
• Reports can be generated using any system meta data
• Custom report designs are included within the system setup process
• Reports are able to be exported in a wide range of different formats


Approval workflows included
• All workflows are designed to meet your individual business needs
• This ensures the accuracy and legitimacy of all requested actions
• These can be approved, rejected or cancelled at any stage

Design your
own custom

Design your own custom dashboards
• Users are presented with a dashboard of their key information on log in
• All data displayed is custom to the users role within the organisation
• Admin users are able to view all information for all companies you are operating


Custom data exports
• System meta data can be exported as a CSV file format
• All columns and heading can be configured to match third party systems
• All modern business systems utilise CSV import functionality

Control and
manage user

Control and manage user profiles
• Admin users have access to an administration tool and functionality
• New users can be added and have data access and functionality assigned to them
• Existing user profiles can be changed as required

Adding a level of control to your procurement processes are key to business in all industry sectors and all organisation sizes, from charities and non-profit organisations to large scale manufacturing facilities. Using a purchase order system can save substantial amounts of money each year, as well as helping you to improve the relationships between you and your suppliers.

We have four digital purchase order software systems that are all optimised to be used on any device:

  1. A simple and non-customisable purchase order system that is ideal for small businesses or start ups
  2. A fully customisable purchase order system with approval workflows, reporting, budget control, goods receipting and full user admin control functionality
  3. A purchase to pay system that features supplier invoicing, credit import functionality and custom data export features
  4. A stock control system ( this is coming soon!)

For our system prices, select Packages & Pricing from the sticky menu bar at the top of the page or click here. For a list of functionality included within our purchase order systems, download the purchase order systems datasheet below.

Our purchase order solutions are all tailored to suit your individual business requirements and all provide full responsive functionality on any device, allowing you to be fully mobile where required. The full range of solutions include functions such as:

  1. Budget control systems
  2. Fully customisable approval workflows
  3. Custom reporting as per your needs
  4. Import of your existing supplier price lists
  5. Goods receipting
  6. Handling of credit notes
  7. Exporting approved purchase orders, invoices and credit notes to be imported into accounts systems such as Xero or SAGE

To book your completely free and no obligation remote demonstration, click here or call us on 03333 66 00 77 to talk to one of our specialists today.

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Creating a purchase order – Step 1

Click image to enlarge

Create your purchase orders in two simple steps

Step 1

  • Select whether its a company, department or project based purchase order
  • Select the supplier to be used
  • Add any instructions or justification needed (if this is required)
  • Select a delivery date
  • Select payment method to be used

Creating a purchase order – Step 2

Click image to enlarge

Step 2

  • Add as many individual lines as required to the purchase order
  • Select the relevant budget for the purchase order
  • Select the item from the supplier product list or add the item description as necessary
  • Select quantity required and insert the line into the purchase order
  • When complete, save the purchase order and send it for approval

Approve a purchase order

Click image to enlarge

Fully Customisable Approval Workflows

Our purchase order software has custom approval workflows that are custom designed to meet the individual needs of your business.

  • Option to choose between single or multiple steps
  • Approvers can view and amend key details on the purchase order
  • Approve, cancel or reject functionality is available at each stage of the approval workflow
  • Once fully approved, the purchase order is automatically sent to the supplier as a PDF file


Additional features and functionality you will see during our no obligation software demo

  1. Out of office functionality
  2. In depth customisable search functionality
  3. Easy to use importing and indexing tools
  4. Invoice and credit note approval functionality
  5. Customisable status dashboards
  6. Close and revoke any purchase orders
  1. Add new companies, suppliers and delivery addresses as required when your business grows
  2. Full user admin controls (new and existing)
  3. One central location to configure for all supplier goods pricing and product descriptions
  4. Import existing purchase orders and documentation from any previously used system
  5. Video training is available for our purchase order solutions, based on your approved test system.

Why not ring us free on 03333 66 00 77 to talk to one of our specialists? Alternatively, you can book a free, no obligation remote system demonstration using the link below.

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Full responsive functionality across multiple devices, including PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones




Full responsive functionality ensures that all users are capable of using the purchase order solution, whether they are working based in house or on the move constantly.

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