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  • Users are able to build up their record and claim history over time
  • Ability to add photos or scans of supporting receipts
  • Submit claims through approval workflows
  • Export approved claims as a CSV file to be ran through payroll software

Our expenses online software prices start at just £3.75 plus VAT per user, per month, and can be made even cheaper depending on your exact usage needs.

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Users can submit and monitor their own claims through our expense tracking system

Using our simply to use templates, claims for any forms of expenses can be drawn up and collated to build up over time. Once they’re complete and ready to submit, the user is able to submit their claim for approval via our workflow system to a fully customisable number of approvers to oversee the claim. Any users are able to access every claim they have submitted, as well as seeing a colour coded status of their claim. Once approved, the user will receive a notification via email or SMS to alert them that their claim has been approved.

Set up individual users and set claim periods

Authorised ‘power users’, for example finance or admin staff, are able set claimant users up for both expenses and mileage claims to be ran through the system, as well as being able to define set claim periods (weekly, monthly etc.) which determines the amount of time that users are eligible to claim expenses for. The mileage allowance can also be set and adjusted in accordance with company policy. Any claims made that fall outside of the claim period are automatically picked up and users will be required to add justification to their claims which will be then passed on to the approvers to make their decision.

The admin overview dashboard also shows ‘power users’ the full status of every user claim that is stored in the expenses system, giving them a list of what they need to look at in the blink of an eye.

Customisable approval workflows throughout the online expenses system

Custom workflow approvals allow claims to pass through any number of approvers, giving them the opportunity at each stage to accept, reject, cancel or escalate a claim to another approver. Registered approvers are not just able to view the claim itself, but have access to any receipts or supporting documentation/justifications that relate to the claim they are looking at. By rejecting a claim, the approver returns it to the user with comments for further clarification on their reasoning.

Any approved claims are able to be exported in CSV format so that they can be imported into a range of different accounting or payroll systems, as necessary.

Fully customisable expense search and reporting systems

Using highly detailed and customisable searching and report functionality admin users are able to see all individual claims by users, search on a by type basis or even view claims for a whole department, allowing all company expenditure to be tracked and reported on. This data can then be exported either in CSV or Excel format to be provided to accounting or payroll providers.

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