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Securely storing and maintaining physical documents is costly and time consuming, not to mention the risk that it puts you in as an organisation. Think about how you would recover your data in the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood or break in? By storing them securely in our cloud based file management solutions, you’re able to securely store and protect any potentially vital company information for as long as you are required to. Because it’s cloud based, you can access it from any device, 24 hours per day as long as you have an active internet connection.

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Cloud based file management, tailored specifically to your needs

Based on the successful icon design that many IT based companies opt for, our online document management and storage system is configured to match your business needs with specific folders and document types. We will create up to 6 folders to match your existing business departmental structure and then under each will add up to 20 different document types. For each document, you will then be able to view two index fields to search and order documents, these are the document title and the date it was edited. The system even has the functionality to select a set date to review or delete a document.

Upload your own scanned documents/images or use our Bureau Service

Digitising your existing paper files requires the use of a scanner and scanning software, connected to a PC or laptop with internet access that will be able to cope with the volume of paperwork that is sat in your archives. As long as you have those, you can scan in your existing files yourself or, to save yourself valuable time and effort, we are able to provide a quote to scan and upload all of your existing files as an archive thanks to our Bureau which uses a specialised range of scanning equipment.

Securely access your files anywhere in the world

Unlike a physical document or file where you need to have it in front of you, as long as you have an internet connection you are able to store your information and access it using secure login details from anywhere in the world. This gives you an ideal solution for taking files to meetings, working remotely or even needing to update a file late at night, just search for the file on any device and you can gain access.

You’re able to store any form of electronic file, not just scanned paperwork, using our upload and indexing functionality. You just need to be able to access the document on your device to upload it and can then configure roles and permissions for who in the business is able to access individual documents.

Automatic review and retention rules

When you initially upload and store a document within the File It OnLine system, you can automatically flag it to be reviewed or deleted at a future date. This allows you to manage the amount and type of documents that you are able to store, and brings you in line with company and Government rules such as GDPR regarding the amount of time you retain specific documents relating to customer details. You will also be automatically alerted to any documents that are due to come up for a review or to be deleted via the automated dashboard that displays when you log in.

Fully responsive for use on a range of devices, including PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones

All of our solutions use our signature icon design, meaning that it doesn’t matter who uses the software or what device they use it on, it’s clear where they need to go to achieve the functionality that is required.



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