Join the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider with B2B

Accelerate Your Business

It’s now faster and easier than ever before for resellers and partners to take full advantage of the soaring demand for cloud-based services, without having to do any of the work themselves.

your margins,


The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme is a rare opportunity for all types of IT resellers to increase their margins and transform customer service.

By becoming an indirect reseller for the Microsoft Cloud platform – which includes Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Security and Dynamics 365 – you can benefit from outstanding advantages such as…

Create Offers

Integrate, price and sell
Microsoft Cloud Services
with your own market offerings

Stay In Control

You own the complete
customer lifecycle, including
licenses and billing

Drive Up Revenue

Increase margins by up to
27% and build recurring revenue
by owning customer billing

Let’s Work Together

To apply for this partnership with B2B Business Technology Group,
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By becoming an Indirect CSP Reseller with B2B,
you become eligible for an incentive of 8% of billed
revenue from sales of Microsoft’s online services
such as Office 365, EMS, Microsoft Intune, Dynamics 365
and Azure, with the possibility to earn incremental
incentives through local and global accelerators.

Levelling the
playing field

The CSP programme marks a radical way forward for all resellers in the expanding cloud marketplace. You can compete like never before against bigger players when you sell Microsoft Cloud Services.

Especially if this is joined up with our Cloud Hosted Desktop and Server Offerings. Companies no longer need to invest heavily in infrastructure and resources in order to own the customer relationship end-to-end. The CSP programme fills in the gaps for you

World-class assistance
with zero interference

B2B can deliver everything you need behind the scenes, including purchasing assistance, provisioning & billing via our portal, education and support.

At the same time, you retain full ownership of the customer relationship – and serve as the primary point of contact. As far as your customers are concerned, Microsoft Cloud Services are delivered by you as a Microsoft partner and we aren’t part of the equation.

Great news for
your customers too

With the CSP programme, you can deepen customer relationships, build trust and increase revenues by offering integrated cloud solutions, containing multiple Microsoft Cloud Services and your own offerings.

You can also offer flexible licensing models based on consumption or monthly subscriptions per user. It’s ultra-simple for customers: They get a single bill for support, services and licences – and the recurring revenue comes direct to you.

7 Reasons to partner
with B2B

  • You can use our partner ecosystem to fill your
    services gaps – to keep your customers buying
    from you, so you enhance value, loyalty and profits
  • You can resell our Software Asset Management
    and Training Services, helping your larger clients
    get the most from their software investments
  • We can provide professional support, billing and
    invoicing for your Microsoft sales via our portal
  • Our Cloud specialists will broaden your offerings –
    with consultancy across Azure Services when you
    need it
  • Our Packaged Cloud Services will help to grow
    your business. Our unique Cloud Platform
    Management provides cost-saving advice,
    consumption reports and technical ideas
  • We have unrivalled Microsoft licensing expertise:
    100+ Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs)
    with expert knowledge of legacy, on-premise and
    hybrid environments
  • We can offer access to 1,000+ complementary
    vendors and dedicated experts. We use our
    relationships to buy better and deliver greater value
    for less

B2B Business Technology Group are the UK’s Tier-1
Microsoft Cloud Partner

We offer a complete cloud service delivery platform and ecosystem of cloud, managed and professional services. We also provide a range of effective services to help partners grow a long-term, future-proof and profitable cloud-based business. When it comes to the CSP programme, we sit behind you, providing expertise as an extension of your team — we’ll only be visible when you wish us to be.

We’re ready to help with the four areas identified by Microsoft as key to CSP partner success:

  • Differentiating your offerings to stand out
  • Modernising your sales and marketing
  • Optimising your operations
  • Delivering lifetime value to your customers

With B2B, you can build the cloud solutions that today’s customers really want, but you can do it
faster, better and more profitably.

Our unique Cloud Management Platform Services
offer true value when added to your Microsoft Cloud Services.

Our experts can help you and your customers to stay in control of costs and find opportunities to unlock greater value
through on demand expenditure, best use of resources, Bring Your-Own-License savings and much more.

B2B Cloud Infrastructure

B2B Cloud Infrastructure gives your business the opportunity to resell all the IT your clients will ever require including all software licenses and we can even provide the support if required.

When a construction project can so easily be delayed by lack of communication, it’s important that everyone stays connected.

We’ve got a great track
record working with


Our unique Cloud Platform Management service offers
true value-add to your Microsoft Cloud Services. Our
experts can help you and your customers to stay in
control of costs and find opportunities to unlock greater
We’ve been partnering with resellers for years, offering
advice and access to Microsoft Licensing in
addition to top level discounts on all of our services
including CCTV, VOIP, Websites & Social Marketing.

Specifically, with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, we
have a range of complimentary software solutions to
wrap around your sales, including packaged offerings
with fully hosted Cloud Desktops and our very own
custom built CRM we’re ready to add value to your
offerings and increase your profits!

Through on demand expenditure, best use of resources,
bring Your-Own-License savings and much more.

Fully hosted cloud solution

This provides each user with the following hardware

  • Cloud hosted PC and desktop
  • Security and stability
  • Fixed rate Bandwidth of 100-200
  • Business file storage required
  • ISO 27001 datacentres for highest
    level of encryption and safety
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee or
    money back
  • Secure live backup included with
    4 hour rollback at any point
  • Virus and spyware protection
    included and monitored
  • Cloud Servers/s with SSD
    solid state fast drivers &
    user applications
  • Fully remote support per user from
    our team of engineers
  • Mobile phone access with print

365 Professional Plus Licence

This provides each user with the following Software

  • Automatically upgrades to latest version Online conferencing & skype
    each year at no extra cost
  • Online conferencing & skype
  • Microsoft Office online & locally on 5x PCs,
    phones & tablets
  • Full support from our team of engineers
  • 1 TB of cloud file storage & sharing per user

365 Exchange License

This provides each user with the following hardware

  • Antispam & Antivirus software included
    and monitored to block spam email
  • Contacts & calendar syncing & sharing
    with all colleagues
  • Exchange emails, mailbox & calendars with
    50GB of storage
  • Web and mobile based outlook access to
    emails from any internet device

CSP Programme

  • If we join the CSP programme, will we have to change the way we sell?

    You can sell Azure, Office 365 and other Microsoft Cloud Services just as before.
    But with the CSP programme, you can also integrate, price and sell them with
    your own market offerings – and own the complete customer lifecycle.

  • We are an Advisor Partner. How does the CSP programme relate to the
    Advisor programme?

    The Advisor programme is being retired by Microsoft. Now is the perfect time
    to join the CSP

  • Some of my clients have existing Microsoft agreements, how can B2B help?

    B2B are the UK’s Tier#1 LSP, and as such, can access ALL Microsoft agreements,
    giving you our partner the ability to gain a full insight and allow you to create
    future IT roadmaps for your client.

  • If we join the CSP programme, can customers under an existing EA, Open or
    Advisor agreement buy subscriptions from us?

    Yes. Customers who purchased subscriptions with other licensing models can
    transition to new CSP subscription

  • I’m hoping to sell to a customer that has a CSP partner already. Is this OK?

    Yes. The CSP programme allows customers to have relationships with more
    than one CSP reseller.

  • Can I move a current CSP agreement from my current indirect partner to

    Yes, we have clearly defined processes to easily deliver a contract transition,
    please contact us to understand this further

  • If we become an Indirect Reseller, will Microsoft recognize our sales towards
    competencies and revenue rebates?

    Yes. Your partner MPN ID is simply attached to every subscription you sell.