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Be a Schedule Software reseller with B2B Business Technology

By becoming a B2B reseller, you can earn ongoing commission on all your sales forever! If you spent just 30 minutes a day talking with friends, recommending our product to others online and providing marketing using your reseller link, just imagine what your income could be in 12 months time!



Choose your ideal plan

Become a software reseller by choosing your ideal reseller plan. You can join as one of our Standard Resellers or become one of our White Label Resellers, both have their own benefits to help you keep moving towards enhancing your profitability!

Standard Reseller

Resell the B2B Business Technology Branded Software. This is the most common reseller agreement that we have in place. Learn more below.


White Label Reseller

Offer your own branded version of the B2B Business Technology Software. We remove all of our branding from emails, URL, logos, etc. to allow you to provide a fully white label piece of software.


Who is a Standard Reseller

Free to Signup. Automated Sales Tracking and Payouts. Recurring Commission Forever!

First step, sign up to become a reseller and get a reseller link

Once you have signed up to become a reseller, we will give you a referral link that you can use in all of your promotions that is tracked through your reseller dashboard.

Share your referral link... everywhere!

Share your referral link on your own page, forums, groups... anywhere you can, just make sure you aren't spamming people.

Resell to businesses within your own community

Barbers, hair salons, dog groomers, personal trainers, gyms, anyone who can take a booking for their services... the list goes on and on!

Larger franchises can have 100s of premises... and we pay the same % per licence, meaning if you bring on a big franchise, you could earn £1000's each month from just one account

We track EVERYTHING, and you can too!

Once you sign up, you get access to your own dashboard and customer portal where you are able to track clicks from your link, any sign ups and paying users.

You can track what you have earned that day, month or year...

Get paid out automatically

Inside your portal, you can track and exactly see what commission is coming your way (and the good news is, you don't have to do ANYTHING).

We track it, report it and pay it all automatically. Once you send the customer to us with your reseller link, you can then sit back and watch your income go up.

Residual and Compounding

What starts out small, can grow into something huge!

If you spent just 5 minutes each day sharing B2B Schedule it... you could easily increase your own turnover.

Your new customers get added to your existing customer base to create an ever-growing perpetual stream of income.

Thinking about retirement?

How many customers would you need to sign up to retire? Our average customer pays around £60.00 per month, if you need £10,000 to retire, you would only need 666 customers to sign up with B2B Business Technology Group.

666 in the whole world (and that's over 8,000,000,000 people). You could do it in a week, a month, a year, but once you get there you will have perpetual income for the life of the customer. Brilliant, right?


Partner with B2B Business Technology to offer your customers your own branded solution with our White Label Online Appointment Scheduling software…